Bekamal, Banyuwangi’s Food

Welcome to “Indonesian Wonder,” a day by day section highlighting tourism, culinary expressions, expressive arts and culture from different areas crosswise over Indonesia. In the present release, we will welcome you to appreciate Bekamal Culinary from Bekamal Banyuwangi.

Banyuwangi is one of the urban communities in the East Java region. Osing or Using is indigenous individuals who occupy Banyuwangi locale. Making a trip to Banyuwangi isn’t finished on the off chance that you don’t connect correctly with the life of Osing individuals. They have rich and extraordinary traditions and conventions. There are Banyuwangi Gandrung Art, Barong Dance, Kuntulan, Tumpeng Sewu Tradition, and Jamuran Tradition. Likewise, the Osing clan additionally has a regular culinary that you should appreciate. One of them is Bekamal, the utilizing culinary meat as its first fixing.


To taste it, the meat is then prepared again to be devoured as a side dish. Before reprocessing, to limit the unmistakable smell, bekamal meat must be washed with clean air and after that drenched medium-term with lemon juice. This is done, notwithstanding diminish the particular scent, additionally lessening the prevailing saltiness in Bekamal. The Osing people group in Gintangan Village, as a rule, serve Bekamal meat as side dishes. The beef put in bamboo rice or Sego Jajang. To attempt the essence of Bekamal that has been handled, you can locate the culinary in Gintangan town, Banyuwangi. What’s more, Bekamal is likewise sold through bundling.

Bekamal is taken from the Javanese and Using dialect, which implies the loaded with philanthropy. The customary culinary, is assessed has been existed since the sixteenth century when Islam started to enter the Blambangan kingdom, because around then, individuals know about the festival of Eid al-Adha, so the meat stock is bottomless amid the forfeit. The country is a piece of the last Majapahit kingdom in Java. The flood of meat by the network is protected into Bekamal. Once in the past the neighborhood network, the meat was put into ‘kendil’ which is beforehand seasoned and after that shut firmly to no less than ten days. After the meat is viewed as cooked, it can be taken only a tad, to be sauteed as a side dish.

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