Recommended Places to Visit for Your Trip to Makassar

Makassar, a city in Sulawesi Island, Indonesia, is a great place to visit for your dream vacation. This city provides various tourist activity and natural beauty that you can enjoy to relieve your stress. Some of the best places you can visit during your trip to Makassar will be elaborated on the following paragraph below.

There are a lot of places where you can enjoy your vacation in Makassar. Some of them are listed below:

  • Kampili Dam at Gowa Regency: this location is very famous for photo-shoots, especially pre-wedding one due to its magnificent views. The first time you arrive, you may think this dam is pretty ordinary. However, once you go to the bottom, you will be greeted with a stunning landscape you can never forget. It is like the smaller version of Grand Canyon with its endless extraordinary rock formations surrounded by turquoise water. It can be reached with an hour drive from the center of Makassar and no entrance fee is needed. You just need to pay a small amount of money for parking.
  • Amatoa Resort: this resort is quite far from the center of Makassar, with around 5 hour drive. However, you will not be disappointed with the sceneries that will greet you once you arrive. This resort is located near Tanjung Bira where you can see the crystal clear water with beautiful coral reefs. This resort offers 9 bungalows where you can relax and enjoy the sceneries. The facilities offered by this resort certainly ensure the comfort of their guests, with ocean-front rooms, marble beds, and swimming pool.
  • Celebes Canyon: this raw gem located at Barru Regency has an extraordinary similarity with the infamous Grand Canyon. The unique rock formations will make you wonder if all of those are naturally occurred. Its pristine water and unrivalled beauty make this place famous among travelers, even when the dry season kicks in. The water is cool, unpolluted, and crystal clear. This place is truly the most favorite place for nature lovers and photography enthusiast. You can reached this place by 2 hours driving.
  • Apparalang Cliff: this place is a must-visit during your vacation to Makassar. The extraordinary rock formations and stunning ocean views are surely the highlights of this tourist destination. You can also do some snorkeling in this area with its beautiful coral reefs and pristine water. This place is quite secluded, located around 4 hours and 3o minutes from the center of Makassar by driving. Due to its secluded nature, everything is still raw and untouched, making the long trip to this place worth it. No entrance fee is needed and you can also try to visit Tanjung Bira, which only 20 minutes away by car from the cliff.

The paragraph above already give some of the popular places in Makassar that you can visit during your short trip. If you wish to explore all the beauty of this city, you may need more time. However, the places mentioned above should be a great representative of what Makassar may offer to its visitors.

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